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InterBBS Favorites
  NEWSBIN - Newsgroup image, music and other files.
WEBNEWS - Web-based Usenet newsgroups service.
WEBMAIL - Web-based Internet e-mail service.
CHAT ROOMS - InterBBS chat rooms.
FORUMS - InterBBS message forum.

Welcome To InterBBS Services

Welcome to InterBBS Services, where you'll find a unique combination of leading edge technology, competitive pricing, and personal service.  InterBBS Offers web-based online services to individuals and web sites.  Our team also can provide your business with innovative and attractive web applications for your busines.  From an Intranet Portal to a custom Internet E-Commerce Site, we have the know-how and experience.

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The Internet BBS

Our Internet based Bulletin Board System, or, if you will, InterBBS, includes standard Online Services such as Internet E-Mail, Usenet Newsgroups, Message Forums, File Libraries, etc.  We've added the best of the chatting / dating / meeting type sites with our new Member Connections servcies, that include group Chat Rooms, Instant Messaging, Member Profiles & Home Pages, and more.  We've thrown in a member browsable and modifiable Web Directory, InterBBS' own topical web directory, based on submissions of favorite sites & links of InterBBS' own members.

We've tied it all together with Windows.NET servers and alot of InterBBS.NET code so that it all interoperates seamlessly and easily, for novice web surfer and and old Internet hands alike.

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Inside InterBBS

The Home Section provides a table of contents for the rest of the site and general information about InterBBS Services.

INFO - What we're about, some legal disclaimers, etc.

ONLINE SERVICES - InterBBS' offers a complete suite of online services, all with a web-browser based, easy to use, interface:

  • NEWSBIN - Newsgroup image, music, video and other files presented with a our unique browser interface (No, Windows XP copied us!)
  • WEBMAIL - Web-based email service, like HotMail and others, taking full advantage of the other InterBBS online services,
  • WEBNEWS - Web-based Usenet News service.  Browse the bewsgroups the easy way, attachments and posts are easily copied to your mailbox or web page.
  • WEBCHAT - Chat with other InterBBS members in real time group chat rooms.  Join one the existing topics/rooms or create your own.
  • WEBMESSENGER - Instant messaging with any online user at InterBBS, also interconnects with AIM and MSN messengers.
  • WEBFORUMS - Discuss one of several topics in InterBBS' message forums.  Start a new conversation thread or participate in one that's been running for weeks!
  • WEBPAGES - Member home pages, they give each memebr the opportunity to express themselves more fully than a simple profile, which they are linked to of course!

MEMBER CONNECTION - Hookup with your online friends or meet new ones.  The Member Connection services make it easy and fun!

  • MEMBER LIST - List InterBBS members, all members, or just those onlline, filter by e-mail, IM, and/or chat status, etc.  Find a buddy on the list then IM or invite him to chat.
  • FRIENDS LIST - As the member list, but members listed here have been previously selected by you to appear on your personal "friends"
  • PROFILE SEARCH - Member profiles, searchable by content or keyword, online users or all users, find someone that is of interest to you now!
  • MANAGE PROFILE - Create and/or update your own member profile

DIRECTORY - A topical directory of the world wide web, featureing sites and links submitted by InterBBS members.

USER PREFERENCES - Users & member's manage their profile, home page, and general site preferences here.

INTERBBS MEMBERSHIP - Get your free InterBBS user account here, or sign up for an InterBBS Premium Membership.  You may also renew or cancel your InterBBS account here.

HELP & SUPPORT - Instructions and examples for using the InterBBS services and information on getting support when you need help from InterBBS trained staff.

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